500 gallons of FUN!

Dunking the boss at the company picnic,  dunking the local "celebrity", at fundraiser events, dunking the birthday guy/girl, graduate, or any one! has become a great party entertainment. 

Great for any event, from backyard birthday parties, to church events, corporate parties, school events, sporting events, and fund raisers!.

You will be able to watch the entire process and see the people inside the tank. This unit has the large target and ball stop. This helps prevent overthrows at your party. There is also an easy climb up ladder. This will make it safe to climb in and out. Our unit also has a seat lock. This allows the person on the seat to control when they are ready to go. 

You must have a hose and water source to fill this unit. It must go on a FLAT surface. You will need to make sure the set up area is also able to drain off water. A LOT of it! You will need an area that is 12ft wide x 17-20ft long to set this up with room to throw. You will also need to make sure we *MUST HAVE a pathway at least 7 feet wide to roll the tank into your set up area. Water fill time to start is 45min to an hour with this unit and your hose depending on water pressure.

500 gallons

250 lbs capacity